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We want you to feel better, and look better, if you’re looking for a Pettibon chiropractor in Sandy, Utah, our team can help you out.

What is the Pettibon System?

The Pettibon System is a proven approach that rehabilitates your spine and corrects your posture. It’s done through a comprehensive process of assessment and then rehabilitation.

In addressing spinal problems and posture issues, Pettibon also incorporates nutrition and muscular development into the process. This provides a complete care program that allows you to improve your health.

Some of the key principles of the system are the following:

  • Your global spine’s position relative to gravity carries more importance than the segments or units.
  • Because gravity is the absolute system, there is an optimal position for your spine and posture.
  • Reflexes and other neurological functions keep your skull in an upright position.

Please note, however, that not all patients are accepted automatically for this treatment. We screen thoroughly to ensure that you will respond to the technique.

UpZen Health applies the science of this technique with the experience and care of our therapists to keep your spine in good condition.

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